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abatage, abattage, aboardage, abthanage, abusage, accorage, accourage, achage, acierage, acreage, adage, adjustage, adjutage, advantage, aecidiostage, aeciostage, aerage, affinage, afterage, afterimage, aftermarriage, age, agiotage, aguirage, ajutage, alienage, alliage, alloyage, almonage, alnage, altarage, ambage, ambassage, amenage, amperage, anchorage, anecdotage, anlage, antibreakage, antisuffrage, apage, apanage, appanage, appenage, appendage, appennage, aquage, arage, arbitrage, archimage, arrage,

arrearage, arriage, arrivage, assemblage, assuage, asswage, aulnage, autodrainage, autofrettage, autohemorrhage, autostage, avantage, avenage, average, babbage, backage, backstage, bacteriophage, bactetiophage, badinage, baggage, bailage, bailliage, ballastage, balliage, ballotage, bandage, barbicanage, barbouillage, bariolage, barnage, baronage, baronetage, barrage, barrelage, bavardage, beaconage, beamage, beaumontage, beerage, beguinage, belage, berthage, bertillonage, bestowage, beverage, bibliophage, billage, birdcage, bistournage, blindage,

blocage, blockage, bloomage, boatage, bocage, bodrage, boltage, bondage, boomage, boothage, borage, bordage, bordrage, boscage, boskage, bossage, bouffage, bourage, brakeage, branchage, brassage, breakage, brennage, brewage, bricolage, brigandage, broadgage, brocage, brockage, brokage, brokerage, browsage, brutage, buddage, bulkage, bunkerage, buoyage, burelage, burgage, burgherage, bushelage, butlerage, cabbage, cabotage, cabotinage, cage, calculifrage, calkage, camouflage, canalage, careenage,

carlage, carnage, carriage, carrotage, cartage, cartilage, cartonage, cartonnage, caruage, carucage, carvage, cellarage, centage, chainage, chantage, chapellage, chaperonage, charterage, chauffage, checkage, chevage, chiefage, chiminage, chippage, chivage, chokage, chomage, chromophage, chummage, ciceronage, clearage, clerkage, clientage, clientelage, cloakage, cloisonnage, clottage, cloudage, clownage, coengage, coheritage, coinage, colage, coliphage, collage, colportage, comanage, commonage, compage, companage, companionage,

concubinage, consulage, contrabandage, cooperage, coquillage, corage, cordage, corkage, cornage, corsage, cosinage, costage, costicartilage, cotillage, cottage, couhage, coulage, counteradvantage, counterbarrage, counterdisengage, counterespionage, countergage, counterimage, countermarriage, countermessage, coupage, courage, courtage, cousinage, coverage, cowage, cowhage, cozenage, cranage, crannage, creepage, cribbage, crimpage, cubage, cuinage, culerage, cullage, culrage, culvertage, curage, curatage, curettage, curiage, curtilage, cuttage, cuvage,

dacoitage, damage, dcolletage, decalage, decolletage, decoupage, defoliage, degage, delayage, demorage, demurrage, denierage, depasturage, desponsage, diallage, dikage, disadvantage, discage, discourage, disencourage, disengage, disfoliage, disgage, dismortgage, disparage, distillage, disusage, disvantage, disvisage, dockage, domage, doomage, dosage, dotage, dowage, downstage, draftage, dragoonage, drainage, drammage, drayage, dreamage, drengage, dressage, driftage, drippage, drivage, dronage, droppage, dumpage, dunnage,

dykage, eatage, echafaudage, ecotage, effleurage, electromassage, elrage, embassage, embossage, empennage, enage, enallage, encage, encastage, encourage, endamage, enddamage, enfleurage, engage, engrenage, enheritage, ennage, enrage, ensilage, enterohemorrhage, entourage, envassalage, environage, envisage, equipage, erythrophage, escamotage, escapage, escheatage, escortage, escruage, escuage, espionage, espousage, estampage, estivage, estoppage, etage, etalage, euryphage, exploitage, expressage, factorage, fage, faldage, fallage,

fardage, farmage, farrage, fathomage, faultage, feetage, fellage, fermage, ferriage, ferryage, feuage, feuillage, fibrocartilage, fittage, fixage, flakage, flambage, floatage, floodage, floorage, floriage, florilage, flotage, flowage, flowerage, fluoresage, foggage, foldage, foliage, folletage, footage, footpage, forage, forecarriage, forestage, fortilage, fossage, fossilage, fosterage, foulage, fowage, frankmarriage, fratriage, fraughtage, frautage, freelage, freightage, freinage, frequentage, frettage, frigage,

fromage, frondage, frontage, frottage, fruitage, frutage, fuage, fulcrumage, fullage, fumage, furnage, fuselage, gabionage, gadroonage, gage, gainage, galage, galeage, gallonage, gaolage, garage, garbage, garlandage, garnerage, gateage, gaussage, gavelage, gazetteerage, gilbertage, gillotage, girderage, goalage, graffage, graftage, grainage, granage, grandparentage, grattage, greenage, greengage, griffinage, griffonage, grillage, groundage, groupage, guardage, guidage, gullage, gummage, gunnage, haemorrhage,

hallage, harbergage, harborage, harbourage, harrage, haulage, haveage, havenage, haylage, headage, helmage, helotage, hemophage, hemorrhage, herbage, herbergage, heritage, hermitage, hidage, hirage, hireage, homage, homepage, hommage, hopsage, hospitage, hostage, housage, hucksterage, hulkage, husbandage, hydage, hydromassage, hypallage, image, impoundage, incage, indamage, inheritage, inleakage, inmarriage, innage, interage, intercommonage, interlanguage, interlinkage, intermarriage, intermessage, interpage, interstage, intertillage,

intervillage, intortillage, invillage, jailage, jettage, jointage, keelage, keyage, kilometrage, kilovoltage, kintlage, kipage, kippage, kissage, knightage, laborage, labourage, lainage, lairage, landage, langrage, language, lappage, lastage, layerage, leadage, leafage, leakage, lepage, leverage, libertinage, lightage, lighterage, lignage, linage, lineage, linkage, loadage, lochage, lockage, lodemanage, lovage, luggage, lymphorrhage, lynage, macrophage, magazinage, mage, malaxage, manage, manurage,

maquillage, marage, marcottage, maritage, marivaudage, marouflage, marriage, massage, mastage, matelotage, matriheritage, matrilineage, matronage, measurage, megatonnage, megavoltage, megawattage, meltage, menage, mesnage, message, messuage, metage, metalanguage, metayage, meterage, microimage, micromanage, microphage, midparentage, milage, mileage, millage, milligramage, minilanguage, minorage, mintage, mirage, misadvantage, misbandage, miscarriage, miscoinage, misencourage, misguage, mislanguage, mismanage, mismarriage, mispackage, mispage, misusage, mnage,

mockage, moneyage, montage, moorage, mortgage, moulage, moulinage, mucilage, multiage, multipage, multistage, murage, mutage, naufrage, naulage, nestage, nickelage, noilage, nonage, nonbeverage, nonburgage, noncoinage, noncoverage, nonespionage, nonimage, nonlanguage, nonlinkage, nonmarriage, nonoutrage, nonsiphonage, nonstorage, nonsuffrage, nonusage, nonvintage, oarage, officerage, offstage, ohmage, onstage, orage, orlage, orphanage, osage, ossifrage, osteophage, ostreophage, otomassage, outage, outimage, outmarriage, outpage,

outrage, outvillage, outvoyage, ouvrage, overage, overbreakage, overdiscourage, overdosage, overdrainage, overencourage, overmanage, overmortgage, overpackage, overpage, overstowage, overvoltage, overweightage, oysterage, package, page, pamphletage, panderage, pannage, parage, paralanguage, parentage, parfilage, parquetage, parsonage, partage, pascuage, passage, pastorage, pasturage, patrilineage, patronage, pauperage, pawnage, pawnbrokerage, paysage, peage, peckage, pedage, peerage, peisage, pelage, pellage, pennage, peonage, percentage, permillage,

persiflage, personage, pesage, petalage, petrissage, petrolage, pewage, phage, phleborrhage, photomontage, phytophage, piccage, pickage, pierage, pigmentophage, pilage, pilferage, pilgrimage, pillage, pilotage, pinnage, pipage, pipeage, placage, plage, plankage, plantage, plottage, pluckage, plumage, plumbage, plunderage, plusage, plussage, pneumomassage, pointage, pointillage, pollage, polypage, polyphage, pommage, pondage, pontage, portage, porterage, postage, postmarriage, potage, pottage, poundage, preage,

precartilage, predamage, predisadvantage, prediscourage, predrainage, preencourage, preengage, preimage, prelanguage, premarriage, prepackage, presage, preshortage, preshrinkage, pressage, pressurage, prestorage, presuffrage, pretannage, primage, princeage, prisage, proctorage, promarriage, propage, propatronage, prophage, proppage, proprietage, prosuffrage, protolanguage, pucelage, pucellage, pumpage, punnage, pupilage, pupillage, putage, putrilage, quarterage, quayage, quietage, racinage, raftage, rage, railage, rakeage, ramage, rammage, rampage, rappage,

rapportage, rattage, rayage, reamage, reassemblage, rebandage, rebuoyage, recage, recarriage, recoinage, recruitage, redamage, rediscourage, reencourage, reengage, refinage, reimage, rejectage, remanage, remarriage, remortgage, remuage, rentage, reoutrage, repackage, repage, repassage, repechage, reportage, repoussage, rerummage, resalvage, restage, reswage, retroussage, reviewage, revoyage, ribcage, rivage, roamage, rokeage, romage, roofage, roomage, rootage, roughage, ruffianage, rumage, rummage, sabotage, saccage,

sacerdotage, sackage, sage, sailage, salvage, sartage, sausage, saxifrage, scaffolage, scaffoldage, scalage, scallage, scavenage, schoolage, sciage, scourage, scrapeage, scrappage, screenage, screwage, scribblage, scrimmage, scrippage, scrummage, scutage, secretage, seedage, seepage, seigneurage, seigniorage, seignorage, selvage, senage, septage, serfage, serrage, servage, sewage, sewerage, sheafage, sheetage, shelterage, shepherdage, shiftage, shippage, shortage, shrinkage, shroffage, sideage, siftage, signage,

silage, siltage, sinkage, sipage, siphonage, skipperage, skrimmage, slackage, slanguage, slidage, slippage, sloppage, slummage, smallage, smashage, smellage, smileage, snappage, soakage, socage, soccage, soilage, sondage, sorage, sottage, soundage, soundstage, soutage, sparage, sperage, spillage, spinage, spindlage, spindleage, splintage, spoilage, spousage, sproutage, squareage, squarsonage, squattage, squirage, squireage, stackage, staffage, stage, stallage, stampage, standage, stealage, stearage,

steerage, sternage, stevedorage, stickage, stillage, stirrage, stockage, stockbrokerage, stonage, stoppage, storage, stowage, strage, strandage, streetage, strewage, strippage, stuffage, stumpage, subage, subassemblage, subaverage, subdrainage, sublanguage, submortgage, subpackage, subpassage, substage, subtillage, subvassalage, suckage, suffrage, sulfurage, sullage, sulliage, sulphurage, sumage, summage, sumpage, superaverage, superpassage, superstage, suppage, surmenage, surplusage, surveyage, sutlerage, swage, sweepage, swellage, sylvage,

tailage, tailorage, taliage, tallage, talliage, tamponage, tankage, tannage, tarage, taskage, tasswage, tattooage, teacherage, tearage, teenage, telecottage, telferage, teliostage, telpherage, tentage, termage, terrage, thanage, thenage, thirlage, tillage, tinage, tintage, tirage, tollage, tonnage, towage, trackage, trainage, trampage, treillage, trespassage, trewage, triage, tripotage, tronage, trucage, truckage, truncage, truquage, tubage, tunnage, turbinage, turfage, tutelage, tutorage,

ullage, ulnage, umbrage, umpirage, unaverage, unbandage, uncage, underage, underaverage, undercarriage, underdrainage, underfootage, undergage, understage, undervoltage, underwage, unitage, unmortgage, unsage, unusage, upstage, uredostage, usage, vagabondage, vage, valetage, vantage, vassalage, vaultage, vauntage, veinage, vellenage, vendage, ventage, verbiage, vernage, vernissage, viage, vibromassage, vicarage, vicinage, victualage, victuallage, viduage, village, villainage, villanage, villeinage, villenage, vinage, vintage,

visage, vitrage, voisinage, volage, voltage, vorage, vorlage, voyage, waftage, wage, waggonage, wagonage, wainage, waiterage, wantage, wardage, warehouseage, warnage, warpage, wastage, waterage, waterbailage, wattage, weedage, weftage, weighage, wharfage, wheelage, whiskerage, whorage, windage, winterage, wordage, wrappage, wreathage, wreckage, xylophage, yardage, yokage, yokeage,

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