Here are 191 words ending in dge. This page may be useful for people looking for words that end in dge. Also see words ending in t.

abedge, abjudge, abridge, acknowledge, adjudge, afterknowledge, alledge, allodge, antiwedge, aridge, arridge, badge, begrudge, behedge, besmudge, bludge, bodge, bridge, browridge, budge, cadge, cambridge, cartridge, cledge, cojudge, coolidge, cradge, daydrudge, debadge, disacknowledge, disedge, dislodge, dodge, dradge, drawbridge, dredge, drudge, duledge, edge, endrudge, enhedge, enlodge, estridge, fadge, featheredge, fidge, fledge, flidge, flodge, flybridge, fodge,

footbridge, forebridge, forejudge, foreknowledge, forjudge, frankpledge, fridge, fudge, gadge, garridge, gatteridge, gledge, grudge, gudge, hardedge, headledge, hedge, hodge, hodgepodge, impledge, inbardge, interknowledge, interpledge, jimsedge, judge, kedge, kentledge, kidge, kimmeridge, kintledge, kludge, knowledge, langridge, ledge, lodge, madge, midge, misacknowledge, misjudge, misknowledge, mislodge, modge, mudge, nidge, nonforeknowledge, nonknowledge, noodge, nudge, nutsedge, outbridge, outdodge,

outedge, overbridge, overdredge, overedge, overjudge, padge, parridge, partridge, patridge, pepperidge, piperidge, pipperidge, pledge, plodge, poddidge, podge, porridge, preacknowledge, prejudge, preknowledge, prepledge, priviledge, probridge, pudge, pulsidge, radge, razoredge, reabridge, reacknowledge, rebridge, redredge, refledge, rehedge, rejudge, relodge, repledge, ribbidge, ridge, rodge, roundridge, rudge, saccadge, scrowdge, sedge, selvedge, skedge, sledge, slodge, sludge, smidge, smoodge,

smudge, snowbridge, snudge, soudge, spacebridge, splodge, sprindge, squdge, squidge, squimmidge, stodge, straightedge, subjudge, superknowledge, swedge, swidge, swindge, tedge, teethridge, telebridge, thornhedge, tollbridge, trudge, underbridge, underedge, underjudge, unedge, unfledge, unhedge, unjudge, unlodge, unwedge, upridge, wadge, wedge, weighbridge, wodge, wudge,

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