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abear, afear, affear, anear, antbear, antinuclear, antiwear, appear, arear, arrear, artwear, asmear, backbear, backspear, beachwear, bear, beblear, behear, beshear, besmear, betear, bilinear, binuclear, blear, boarspear, bodywear, booklear, bugbear, bulbonuclear, circumnuclear, clear, coappear, cochlear, coendear, coilyear, colinear, collinear, compear, countershear, cruisewear, cudbear, curvilinear, dancewear, daywear, dear, disappear, dogear, dorsoepitrochlear, doublegear, downbear, drawgear,

drear, ear, eelspear, enclear, endear, endonuclear, ensear, epitrochlear, extranuclear, eyewear, fear, fernyear, fibronuclear, fishspear, flear, footgear, footwear, forbear, forebear, forehear, foreswear, foreyear, forfear, formalwear, forswear, forwear, gear, genear, goodyear, handwear, headgear, headwear, hear, heteronuclear, homonuclear, housewear, indear, infralinear, infranuclear, infratrochlear, innerwear, interlinear, internuclear, intertear, intertrochlear, intranuclear, isonuclear, jear, knitwear, ladieswear, laquear,

lear, leatherwear, leear, legwear, leisurewear, lequear, linear, longear, loungewear, macronuclear, mainswear, mallear, manswear, matrilinear, mear, menswear, micronuclear, midyear, misappear, misbear, mishear, mislear, mixtilinear, mononuclear, muktear, multilinear, multinuclear, multiyear, near, neckgear, neckwear, nightgear, nightwear, noncollinear, nonlinear, nonnuclear, nuclear, oatear, outbear, outerwear, outhear, outlinear, outswear, outtear, outwear, overbear, overclear, overdear, overfear, overhear, overnear,

overswear, overwear, overyear, paranuclear, pasear, patrilinear, pear, perinuclear, photonuclear, planeshear, playwear, polymorphonuclear, polynuclear, preclear, pronuclear, rainwear, reappear, rear, rebear, reclear, rectilinear, redear, redisappear, redsear, regear, rehear, reshear, reswear, retear, rewear, rubberwear, schmear, screar, sear, semicurvilinear, shear, sheepshear, shmear, shopwear, skear, skiwear, sleepwear, smear, spear, sphear, sportswear, stear, strawsmear, sublinear, subnuclear, subtrochlear,

supralinear, supranuclear, supratrochlear, swear, swimwear, switchgear, tear, technofear, tetranuclear, thermonuclear, throughbear, townwear, trilinear, trochlear, unbear, unclear, undear, underbear, undergear, underwear, ungear, unilinear, uninuclear, uniwear, unnear, unswear, upbear, uprear, upshear, upspear, uptear, vertilinear, wanderyear, waterbear, wear, wellanear, wellnear, werebear, whear, wheatear, workwear, wormgear, year, yesteryear,

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