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abuseful, addressful, adventureful, adviceful, affrightful, aidful, aimful, almsful, amazeful, anguishful, annoyful, apronful, armful, armsful, artful, assistful, atmosphereful, availful, avengeful, awful, bagful, bagsful, baleful, balloonful, baneful, barful, barnful, barrelful, barrelsful, barrowful, bashful, basinful, basketful, basketsful, bateful, batful, bathtubful, battleful, beakerful, beakful, beamful, beautiful, beguileful, behooveful, behoveful, beliefful, bellowsful, bellyful, benchful, bewitchful, binful,

bishopful, bitterful, blameful, blastful, blissful, blitheful, blunderful, blushful, boastful, boatful, bodeful, boilerful, bookful, bootful, bottleful, bottlesful, bountiful, bowieful, bowlful, boxful, branchful, breachful, breastful, breathful, breezeful, brimful, brogueful, brushful, bucketful, bucketsful, budgetful, bushelful, bushful, cabful, cageful, canful, cansful, capful, careful, carful, carriageful, cartful, cartonful, caseful, causeful, challengeful, chanceful, changeful, chapterful, characterful, chargeful,

charmful, cheeful, cheekful, cheerful, chestful, chockful, choiceful, churchful, churnful, cityful, clangful, cleaveful, closetful, cloudful, coachful, colorful, colourful, comfortful, comournful, complaintful, conceitful, conflictful, consentful, contemptful, contentful, corruptful, costful, coteful, counselful, crateful, crawful, crimeful, cropful, cupful, cupsful, curstful, dainful, dangerful, dareful, darkful, dearnful, deathful, debateful, debtful, deceitful, deedful, delayful, delightful, dernful, desertful, designful,

desireful, despairful, despiteful, dessertspoonful, dessertspoonsful, deviceful, devoutful, dinful, dipperful, direful, dirgeful, discontentful, discordful, disdainful, diseaseful, disgustful, dishful, dishpanful, dislikeful, dismayful, dispatchful, dispeaceful, disputeful, disquietful, disregardful, disrespectful, distasteful, distressful, distrustful, dodgeful, doleful, doomful, doubtful, drawerful, dreadful, dreamful, dreamingful, dredgeful, dropperful, droppersful, dueful, dureful, dutiful, earful, earnestful, earnful, easeful, effectful, effortful, eggcupful, enticeful,

entreatful, errorful, escapeful, eventful, excuseful, expenseful, expressionful, eyedropperful, eyeful, factful, faintful, faithful, fameful, fanciful, fateful, faultful, fearful, feastful, featureful, feckful, feelingful, fenceful, fiendful, fishful, fistful, fitful, flaskful, flavorful, flavourful, flawful, fleetful, fleshful, flightful, flowerful, folliful, fontful, foodful, footful, forceful, foresightful, forestful, forethoughtful, forgeful, forgetful, forkful, forksful, formful, fountful, fraudful, freakful, fretful,

frightful, friskful, frolicful, frownful, fruitful, fulful, gainful, gameful, gardenful, gashful, gastful, gaudful, gazeful, gerful, ghastful, gigful, gladful, glassful, gleeful, gloomful, gloryful, gobletful, godawful, goshawful, gourdful, gowpenful, grapeful, grateful, griefful, grimful, gripeful, groanful, growthful, grudgeful, guardful, guileful, guiltful, gustful, gutful, gutsful, handful, handkerchiefful, handsful, harangueful, harborful, harmful, hasteful, hateful, hatful, hatsful, havenful,

hazardful, headful, healful, healthful, heartful, heatful, heavenful, heedful, helpful, hinderful, hodful, hoeful, honeyful, hoodful, hopeful, hornful, horrorful, horseplayful, hourful, houseful, hueful, humorful, humourful, hungerful, hurtful, hushful, ideaful, idleful, impactful, increaseful, ingrateful, insightful, insuccessful, interfruitful, inventful, ireful, irrespectful, jarful, jarsful, jestful, jetful, joyful, jugful, jugsful, juiceful, kegful, kettleful, kingdomful, kistful, kitchenful, knifeful,

ladleful, lamentful, lampful, lapful, lapsful, larderful, laughful, laughterful, launchful, lawful, leapful, leeful, leisureful, lengthful, leveful, liegeful, lifeful, lighterful, lightful, likeful, listful, loathful, lockful, lodgeful, loneful, longful, loofful, loopful, lossful, loveful, luckful, lungful, lureful, lustful, machineful, magerful, maliceful, manful, masterful, mastful, matterful, maundful, mazeful, meaningful, meedful, menaceful, menseful, merciful, meritful, mightful, mildful,

millful, mindful, mirthful, mischanceful, mischiefful, misdateful, misdeemful, misdoubtful, mistakeful, mistful, mistrustful, misuseful, moanful, mockful, moistful, molestful, mossful, mournful, mouthful, mugful, museful, neckful, needful, needleful, neglectful, nestful, netful, newsful, nieveful, noiseful, nonblameful, nonfanciful, nonmeaningful, nonsuccessful, notchful, noyful, numberful, nurseryful, oathful, oceanful, odorful, odourful, offenceful, offenseful, ovenful, overawful, overbashful, overboastful, overcareful, overfaithful, overfanciful,

overfearful, overfruitful, overgrateful, overhelpful, overjoyful, overmasterful, overmerciful, overmournful, overneglectful, overpainful, overplentiful, overpowerful, oversorrowful, overthoughtful, overtrustful, overtruthful, overyouthful, pageful, pailful, pailsful, painful, palateful, palmful, pamphletful, panful, pangful, panicful, paperful, paradeful, passionful, paunchful, pauseful, peaceful, peckful, penful, penseful, pepful, pestful, petful, pewful, phialful, pictureful, pigful, pipeful, pitcherful, pitchersful, pithful, pitiful, placeful, plagueful, plainful,

plaintful, planful, plateful, platesful, platterful, plattersful, playful, pleasureful, plentiful, plightful, plotful, pocketful, pocketsful, pointful, poisonful, pokeful, politeful, pondful, potful, pouchful, poutful, powerful, praiseful, pranceful, prankful, prateful, prayerful, prayful, predistrustful, predoubtful, prefearful, prelawful, preneglectful, prepainful, presageful, pressful, prestigeful, presuccessful, pretenceful, pretenseful, prethoughtful, preyful, preyouthful, prideful, prisonful, promiseful, proofful, proudful, prowessful, pseudofaithful, pulpitful,

purposeful, purseful, pushful, quakeful, quartful, quayful, quedful, quemeful, questful, quipful, quiverful, rackful, rageful, rainful, rakeful, rapeful, rashful, rayful, rebukeful, recureful, refreshful, regardful, regretful, rejoiceful, remindful, reminiscenceful, remissful, remorseful, renownful, repineful, reposeful, reproachful, requiteful, researchful, resentful, reserveful, resignful, resistful, resourceful, respectful, restful, restraintful, resultful, retreatful, revengeful, reverseful, rewardful, rightful, riskful, robustful, romanceful,

roomful, roomsful, rueful, rustful, ruthful, sackful, sacksful, saltspoonful, sapful, sarkful, satchelful, satchelsful, saucerful, scaleful, scareful, scatheful, scathful, sceneful, scentful, schemeful, schoolful, scoopful, scoopsful, scornful, scowlful, screenful, scullful, scupful, scuttleful, searchful, secureful, seedful, seelful, selfful, semipeaceful, semisuccessful, semitruthful, senseful, shadeful, shameful, shapeful, sharkful, sheenful, sheetful, shelfful, shellful, shendful, shiftful, shipful, shoful, shopful,

shovelful, shovelsful, showerful, showful, shudderful, sieveful, sighful, sightful, sinful, skepful, skilful, skillful, skinful, skullful, skyful, slanderful, slateful, sledful, sleepful, sleeveful, sleightful, sleuthful, slothful, slowful, slumberful, smackful, smellful, smileful, sneerful, snootful, sobful, socketful, solaceful, songful, soothful, sorrowful, soulful, soundful, sourceful, spaceful, spadeful, spareful, spatheful, speechful, speedful, spellful, spendful, spiceful, spindleful, spiritful, spiteful,

spitful, spleenful, spoilful, spongeful, spoolful, spoonful, spoonsful, sportful, sprayful, sprightful, springful, sproutful, stableful, stackful, stageful, stainful, starful, startful, stateful, stealthful, steamerful, steinful, stenchful, sternful, stickful, stomachful, stormful, stoupful, stoveful, streamful, streetful, strengthful, stressful, strifeful, stringful, styful, succesful, successful, succorful, succourful, superpowerful, superthankful, supportful, surgeful, suspectful, suspenseful, suspicionful, swayful, sweatful, sweetful, syringeful,

tableful, tablesful, tablespoonful, tablespoonsful, tactful, takeful, taleful, talkful, tankful, tasteful, teacupful, teacupsful, teapotful, tearful, teaspoonful, teaspoonsful, teemful, teenful, teethful, temperamentful, templeful, tenderful, tentful, terrorful, thankful, thicketful, thimbleful, thinkful, thirstful, thoughtful, threatful, thrillful, throatful, throngful, thrustful, thunderful, tideful, timeful, tinful, tipful, toilful, tomeful, tongueful, toothful, topful, tormentful, torrentful, townful, toyful, tradeful, trainful,

tramful, tranceful, trayful, treasonful, treeful, trenchful, tressful, trickful, tristful, trolleyful, trothful, troughful, troutful, trowelful, truckful, trunkful, trunksful, trustful, truthful, tubeful, tubful, tumblerful, tuneful, tunful, tureenful, twigful, udderful, ultracareful, ultrapowerful, unartful, unavailful, unawful, unbashful, unbeautiful, unbeguileful, unbehoveful, unbeliefful, unblissful, unboastful, unbountiful, uncareful, unchangeful, uncheerful, undeceitful, undelightful, undistasteful, undistrustful, undoubtful, undreadful, undutiful, uneaseful,

uneventful, unfaithful, unfanciful, unfearful, unfoodful, unforceful, unforethoughtful, unforgetful, unfretful, unfrightful, unfruitful, ungainful, ungleeful, ungrateful, unguileful, unharmful, unhateful, unhealthful, unheedful, unhelpful, unhopeful, unhurtful, uninsightful, uninventful, universeful, unjoyful, unlawful, unloathful, unluckful, unlustful, unmanful, unmasterful, unmeaningful, unmeedful, unmenseful, unmerciful, unmindful, unmirthful, unmistrustful, unmournful, unneedful, unneglectful, unpainful, unpeaceful, unpitiful, unplayful, unplentiful, unpowerful, unpraiseful, unprayerful, unpresageful,

unprideful, unrefreshful, unregardful, unregretful, unremorseful, unreposeful, unreproachful, unresentful, unresourceful, unrespectful, unrestful, unrevengeful, unrightful, unrueful, unruleful, unscornful, unshameful, unsinful, unskilful, unskillful, unslothful, unsorrowful, unsoulful, unspeedful, unspiteful, unsportful, unsproutful, unsuccessful, unsuspectful, untactful, untasteful, unthankful, unthoughful, unthoughtful, untrustful, untruthful, untuneful, unuseful, unvengeful, unvoiceful, unwakeful, unwasteful, unwatchful, unwilful, unwillful, unwishful, unwistful, unwoeful, unwoful, unwonderful, unworshipful,

unwrathful, unwrongful, unyouthful, urgeful, urnful, useful, vainful, valiseful, valleyful, vaseful, vatful, vauntful, vengeful, vesselful, vexful, vialful, villageful, vimful, voiceful, waeful, wagonful, wailful, wainful, wakeful, walletful, wallful, wameful, wanderlustful, wanrestful, wantful, wareful, warehouseful, warful, warmful, wasteful, wasterful, watchful, watchglassful, wealful, wealthful, weariful, weedful, weepful, weirdful, wheelbarrowful, whiskful, wigful, wileful, wilful, willful, windowful,

wineglassful, winful, wisdomful, wishful, wistful, witful, wlatful, woeful, woful, wonderful, workful, worldful, worshipful, worthful, wrackful, wrathful, wrayful, wreakful, wreckful, wrinkleful, wrongful, wrothful, yardful, yawnful, yearful, yearnful, youthful, zealful, zestful,

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