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abbasid, abid, abovesaid, abraid, abreid, acalephoid, acanthoid, acarid, acaroid, acetamid, acetanilid, acetotoluid, acetphenetid, acetylid, acichlorid, acid, acidoid, acipenserid, acipenseroid, acrid, acridid, acrocoracoid, acromiocoracoid, acromiodeltoid, acromiohyoid, acrostichoid, actinocrinid, actinoid, adalid, adamantoid, adapid, adenocancroid, adenoid, adenomatoid, adenotyphoid, adipoid, adrenocorticosteroid, adultoid, aegeriid, aeluroid, aeneid, aeolid, aethalioid, aforesaid, afraid, agamid, agamoid, agapetid, agaricoid, agaroid, agatoid,

agglutinoid, agrionid, agromyzid, aid, ailuroid, albumenoid, albuminoid, albumoid, alcaid, alcid, alcyonoid, alectorioid, alethopteroid, aleyrodid, algid, algoid, aliethmoid, aliquid, alismoid, alisphenoid, alkaloid, alkoxid, allantoid, allophanamid, allophytoid, allopolyploid, allotetraploid, allozooid, aloid, alopecoid, amaranthoid, amaroid, amaryllid, amberoid, amboceptoid, ambroid, amebid, ameboid, amianthoid, amid, amidid, amidofluorid, amidoplastid, aminoid, ammocoetid, ammocoetoid, ammodytoid, ammonitoid, ammonoid, amoebid, amoeboid,

amphid, amphidiploid, amphiploid, amphisbaenid, amphisbaenoid, amphistomoid, amygdaloid, amyloid, amyloplastid, anabantid, anacid, anammonid, anangioid, anaphylactoid, anapsid, anaspid, anchitherioid, ancistroid, anconoid, ancyroid, andrenid, android, aneroid, aneuploid, anginoid, angioid, angloid, anguid, anguilloid, anilid, aniliid, ankyroid, annelid, anneloid, annuloid, anomorhomboid, anoplotherioid, anoplotheroid, antacid, antacrid, antennariid, antherid, antheroid, antherozoid, antherozooid, anthoid, anthomyiid, anthozooid, anthracoid, anthribid, anthropoid,

antiacid, antialbumid, antiapartheid, antilipoid, antimonid, antiputrid, antiskid, antitabloid, antithyroid, antityphoid, apaid, apartheid, aperulosid, apetaloid, aphid, aphidid, aphthoid, apinoid, apioid, apogonid, apoplectoid, aporrhaoid, appaid, apsid, apteroid, arachnid, arachnoid, aradid, aramid, araneid, arboroid, archdruid, arctiid, arctoid, ardeid, arenoid, argasid, argentamid, argilloid, argonautid, arid, arilloid, arisaid, aroid, arrhenoid, arthrotyphoid, aryballoid, arytaenoid, arytenoid, asaphid, asbestoid,

ascarid, ascidioid, ascidiozooid, asclepidoid, asconoid, asilid, aspidioid, asplenioid, asterid, asterioid, asteroid, asthmatoid, astraeid, astragaloscaphoid, astroid, athetoid, athyrid, athyroid, atlantomastoid, atlantoodontoid, atloaxoid, atloid, atloidoaxoid, atmid, atrypoid, atticomastoid, attid, aulostomid, auriculoid, australoid, autacoid, autocoid, autohexaploid, autopolyploid, autotetraploid, autotriploid, autozooid, avid, avoid, axoid, baccharoid, backslid, bacterid, bacterioid, bacteroid, bactritoid, baculoid, balaenid, balaenoid, balanid, balanoid,

balistid, bandaid, barid, barmaid, basaltoid, basihyoid, basipterygoid, basisphenoid, basoid, bassarid, batoid, batrachoid, bdellid, bdelloid, bedrid, beforesaid, belemnid, belemnoid, beloid, belonid, belonoid, benzenoid, benzoid, bepaid, berberid, berycid, berycoid, berylloid, bestrid, bethylid, betid, betweenmaid, biacid, bibionid, bicuspid, bid, bifid, bifluorid, biglenoid, bimastoid, bioflavinoid, bioflavonoid, biosolid, bipinnatifid, bipyramid, bisphenoid, bisulfid, bitripinnatifid, bituminoid, blarnid, blastid,

blastoid, blastozooid, blattid, blattoid, blechnoid, blenniid, blennioid, blennoid, bluid, bodonid, boid, boigid, bombycid, bondmaid, bopyrid, borid, boskopoid, bostrychid, bostrychoid, botryoid, botryopterid, bovid, bovoid, brachioganoid, brachypinacoid, brachypinakoid, brachypyramid, brachysclereid, braconid, bradypodoid, braid, branchiostomid, brevicipitid, brid, bridemaid, bridesmaid, broid, bromid, bromocyanid, bromoiodid, bronchotyphoid, brotulid, bruchid, buccinoid, bufonid, bulimoid, bungaloid, buprestid, butanolid, byssoid, cablelaid,

cactoid, caid, calamarioid, calamaroid, calamitoid, calanid, calcaneoastragaloid, calcaneocuboid, calcaneoscaphoid, calid, callid, calliphorid, calotermitid, calycoid, camelid, cameloid, camphoid, campodeid, campodeoid, cancrid, cancroid, candid, canid, cannabinoid, canopid, cantharid, capparid, caprid, capsid, carabid, carabidoid, caraboid, carangid, carangoid, carbanilid, carchariid, carcharioid, carcinoid, carcinomatoid, cardioid, carid, caridoid, carotenoid, carotid, carotinoid, carpid, cartilaginoid, caryatid, cassidid, cassiduloid, cassinoid,

cataleptoid, catenoid, catocalid, catostomid, catostomoid, cattyphoid, catydid, caucasoid, ccid, cebid, ceboid, cecidomyiid, celloid, celluloid, centetid, centrarchid, centrarchoid, centriscid, centriscoid, centroid, cephalodiscid, cephaloid, cepheid, cephid, cerambycid, ceratiid, ceratioid, ceratitoid, ceratocricoid, ceratohyoid, ceratoid, ceratopsid, cercopid, cercopithecid, cercopithecoid, cerebroid, cerianthid, cerianthoid, cerithioid, ceroid, cervid, cervoid, cestoid, cetorhinid, cetorhinoid, chaetodontid, chalcid, chalcidid, chalcidoid, chalicotheriid, chalicotherioid,

chambermaid, chancroid, characid, characinid, characinoid, charadrioid, charquid, chasid, chaudfroid, cheloid, chelonid, cheloniid, chelydroid, chiasmodontid, chid, chimaerid, chimaeroid, chimerid, chironomid, chitinoid, chlorid, chloritoid, chloroid, chlorophylloid, chloroplastid, choanoid, choleroid, choloid, chondroalbuminoid, chondrocoracoid, chondroid, chondromucoid, chondroxiphoid, chordoid, choreoid, chorioallantoid, chorioid, choroid, chromatid, chromatoid, chromid, chromolipoid, chromoplastid, chroococcoid, chrysalid, chrysaloid, chrysid, chrysidid, chrysomelid, chrysopid, chyloid,

chytrid, cicadellid, cicadid, cichlid, cichloid, cicindelid, ciconiid, ciconioid, cid, cidarid, cimicid, cimicoid, cirsoid, cissoid, cixiid, cladodontid, cladonioid, clathroid, clavodeltoid, cleidohyoid, cleidomastoid, cleoid, clerid, clinid, clinoid, clinopinacoid, clinopinakoid, clinopyramid, cloriodid, clubionid, clupeid, clupeoid, clypeastroid, coaid, coccid, coccinellid, coccoid, coccolithophorid, coccosteid, cochlidiid, coelacanthid, coelacanthoid, coenobioid, coleopteroid, colloid, colobid, coloquintid, colotyphoid, colubrid, colubroid, columboid,

comatulid, cometoid, comoid, complementoid, conchoid, condyloid, confervoid, congrid, congroid, conicoid, conidioid, conoid, conopid, contoid, cookmaid, coracohyoid, coracoid, coracoprocoracoid, coralloid, coregonid, coregonoid, coreid, cormoid, cornbraid, coronoid, corticoid, corticosteroid, corvid, corvoid, corynid, coryphaenid, coryphaenoid, corystoid, cosinusoid, cosmoid, cossid, costocoracoid, costoxiphoid, cotingid, cotingoid, cottid, cottoid, cotyledonoid, cotyloid, counterbid, countermaid, counterraid, coverlid, covid, cowroid, crambid,

cranioid, creamlaid, crescentoid, cresoxid, cretinoid, cricetid, cricoarytenoid, cricoid, cricothyreoid, cricothyroid, criminaloid, crinid, crinoid, crocodiloid, crotalid, crotaloid, cryptorchid, crystalloid, ctenizid, ctenoid, cuboid, cuckoomaid, cuculoid, culicid, cuneocuboid, cuneoscaphoid, cupid, cuproid, curculionid, cuspid, cyamelid, cyamid, cyamoid, cyanamid, cyanid, cyanoplastid, cyathoid, cyathophylloid, cyathozooid, cybrid, cycadeoid, cyclindroid, cycloganoid, cycloid, cyclopoid, cyclopteroid, cydippid, cylindrelloid, cylindroid, cymbid, cymoid,

cynaroid, cynipid, cynipoid, cynoid, cynopithecoid, cypraeid, cypraeoid, cyprid, cypridinoid, cyprinid, cyprinodontoid, cyprinoid, cypseloid, cysticercoid, cystid, cystoid, cytoid, dactyloid, dactylozooid, daedaloid, dairymaid, danaid, daphnid, daphnioid, daphnoid, dartoid, dasypodoid, dasyurid, dasyuroid, datiscosid, david, decafid, decemfid, decrepid, deid, deirid, delphacid, delphinoid, deltoid, demantoid, demoid, dendroid, dentinoid, dentoid, depsid, dermatoid, dermestid, dermestoid, dermoid, derrid, desmid,

desmoid, determinoid, deuteroconid, deuterozooid, developoid, devoid, diacid, diagrid, diallagoid, diamantoid, dianilid, diapsid, diatomaceoid, diazid, dibromid, dicranoid, dictynid, dictyoid, dicyanid, dicyemid, did, didelphid, didelphoid, didepsid, didymoid, dihalid, dihybrid, diiodid, dikelocephalid, dilucid, dinichthyid, dinoceratid, dinornithid, dinornithoid, dioxid, dipeptid, diphosphid, diphtheroid, diphyozooid, diphyzooid, diplococcoid, diploid, dipnoid, dipodid, diprotodontid, dipyramid, disaccharid, discinoid, discoglossid, discoglossoid, discoid,

discomedusoid, discriminoid, disdodecahedroid, diselenid, dishexecontahedroid, disilicid, dispersoid, disphenoid, distemperoid, disulfid, disulfoxid, disulphid, disulphoxid, ditremid, divid, djasakid, dodecafid, domoid, doormaid, doridoid, dorippid, drassid, drepanid, drepanoid, droid, dromioid, druid, drumlinoid, drumloid, dryinid, dryopithecid, dryopteroid, dulcid, duodecimfid, dynastid, dytiscid, eburneoid, echeneid, echeneidid, echeneidoid, echinid, echinoid, echiurid, echiuroid, ecoid, ectethmoid, ectocondyloid, ectoethmoid, ectopterygoid, ectosphenoid, eczematoid,

edaphosaurid, egrid, eicosanoid, elapid, elapoid, elaterid, elateroid, elementaloid, elementoid, eleotrid, elephantoid, ellipsoid, elliptoid, elucid, elytroid, emarcid, emballonurid, embiid, embiotocid, embiotocoid, embraid, embryoid, emeroid, emulsoid, enalid, encephaloid, enchodontid, enchodontoid, enchytraeid, encrinoid, encyrtid, endocarpoid, endopolyploid, endothelioid, endotheloid, endotoxoid, eneid, energid, engrid, entericoid, enteroid, entocarotid, entocondyloid, entoconid, entomoid, entopterygoid, entosphenoid, eodiscid, epacrid, epeirid, ephemerid,

ephydrid, epicarid, epicoracoid, epicycloid, epidermatoid, epidermoid, epileptoid, epiprecoracoid, epipterygoid, epithelioid, epitheloid, epitoxoid, epitrochoid, epuloid, equid, equoid, ergatoid, erichthoid, erichtoid, ericoid, eriophyid, erotylid, eryopid, eryopsid, erysipelatoid, erysipeloid, erythroid, erythroplastid, escharoid, estrildid, ethenoid, etheostomoid, ethid, ethmoid, ethmosphenoid, ethylenoid, eucleid, euclid, eucosmid, euglenid, euglenoid, eulophid, eumenid, eunicid, eunuchoid, euomphalid, eupatrid, euphausid, euphausiid, euploid, euplotid,

eurylaimoid, eurypterid, eurypteroid, eurytomid, eutectoid, euthyroid, evanid, evernioid, evolutoid, extratorrid, eyelid, fabrikoid, factoid, falconnoid, falconoid, fantaseid, fascioloid, fatuoid, favelloid, favositoid, fecaloid, feldspathoid, felid, feloid, felspathoid, fenestellid, fervid, fetid, fgrid, fibrinoid, fibroid, fibromatoid, ficoid, fid, fierasferid, fierasferoid, filamentoid, filariid, filicoid, fistularioid, flaccid, flavid, flavonoid, florid, fluid, fluoborid, fluorid, fluoroid, flustroid, focaloid, foetid,

foid, forbid, fordid, foredid, forelaid, foresaid, formicarioid, formicaroid, formicid, fornaxid, forsaid, fracid, fraid, frigid, fringillid, fringilloid, frontoethmoid, fucoid, fulgid, fulgorid, fulvid, fumaroid, fumid, fungid, fungoid, furanoid, furfuramid, furfuroid, furoid, furunculoid, fusoid, fusulinid, gabbroid, gadid, gadoid, gaid, gainsaid, galactoid, galeid, galenoid, galeoid, galeopithecoid, gamasid, gametoid, gammarid, gammaroid, ganglioid, ganoid, gasterosteid, gasterosteoid, gasterozooid,

gastroid, gastrozooid, gavialoid, geckoid, geckotid, geckotoid, gekkonid, gekkonoid, gelatinoid, gelechiid, gelid, gemmoid, gempylid, genetoid, geniohyoid, geoid, geometrid, geometroid, geomyid, geomyoid, geophilid, geosid, gerrhosaurid, geryonid, getid, gid, gigadoid, ginglimoid, ginglymoid, ginglymostomoid, giraffid, giraffoid, glenoid, glid, globoid, globuloid, glochid, gloeocapsoid, glossoid, glottid, glucid, glucocorticoid, glucolipid, glucosid, glusid, glutoid, glycid, glycolipid, glycoproteid, glycuronid, glyptodontoid,

gnaphalioid, gneissoid, gobiesocid, gobiid, gobioid, goniatitid, goniatitoid, gonid, gonidioid, gonococcoid, gonozooid, gordiid, gordioid, gorilloid, gracilariid, grandkid, granitoid, graphitoid, grapsoid, gravid, gregaloid, grid, groupoid, gryllid, guid, guserid, gymnotid, gynaecoid, gynandroid, gynecoid, gyrinid, hadentomoid, haematid, haematoid, haemoid, haemorrhoid, haemosporid, haemuloid, hagrid, halichondroid, halid, haliotoid, haliplid, halleflintoid, halogenoid, haloid, hamdmaid, hammaid, handlaid, handmaid, haploid,

haplomid, harrid, hasid, heid, helcoid, helenioid, helicoid, helioid, helminthoid, helminthosporoid, helodermatoid, hematid, hematoid, hemipteroid, hemipyramid, hemiquinonoid, hemispheroid, hemoid, hemophilioid, hemorrhoid, hemosporid, heparinoid, hepatoid, hepialid, heptagrid, heptaploid, heracleid, herbid, hermokopid, hernioid, heroid, herpetoid, hesperid, hesperiid, hesperornithid, hesperornithoid, heterakid, heterodontoid, heteronereid, heteroploid, hexabromid, hexacid, hexacosihedroid, hexactinellid, hexadecahedroid, hexagrammoid, hexapetaloid, hexaploid, hid, hinoid, hippoboscid,

hippoid, hippopotamoid, hippurid, hippuritoid, hirudinoid, hispid, histioid, histiophoroid, histoid, holectypoid, holocentrid, holocentroid, holochoanoid, holoptychiid, holoquinoid, holoquinonoid, holothurioid, homaloid, homaroid, homeoid, homerid, hominid, hominoid, homoeoid, homonid, hormonoid, horrid, housemaid, humanoid, humid, hyaenid, hyaenodontoid, hyaloid, hyalomucoid, hybrid, hydatid, hydatoid, hydnoid, hydrachnid, hydracid, hydrencephaloid, hydrid, hydrobromid, hydrocephaloid, hydrochlorid, hydrocolloid, hydrofluorid, hydroid, hydromedusoid, hydrometrid, hydrophid,

hydrophilid, hydrophiloid, hydrophoid, hydroxybutyricacid, hyenoid, hyloid, hymenoid, hymenomycetoid, hyoid, hyolithid, hyolithoid, hyothyreoid, hyothyroid, hyperacid, hyperarid, hyperboloid, hypercoracoid, hyperdiploid, hypereutectoid, hyperploid, hyperpyramid, hypersolid, hyperthyroid, hypertorrid, hypnoid, hypnotoid, hypoacid, hypoconid, hypoconulid, hypocoracoid, hypocycloid, hypodiploid, hypoeutectoid, hypoid, hypoploid, hypothyroid, hypotrochoid, hypsiloid, hypsilophodontid, hypsilophodontoid, hyracid, hyracodontid, hyracodontoid, hyracoid, hysterioid, hysteroid, hystricid, hystricoid, ibid, ichneumonid, ichneumonoid,

ichthyoid, ichthyopsid, ichthyornithoid, ichthyosaurid, ichthyosauroid, icosteid, icterid, icteroid, id, iguanid, iguanodontoid, iguanoid, illiquid, ilysioid, imid, impallid, impavid, imputrid, inachid, inachoid, indigoid, individ, indoloid, indusioid, infallid, infracotyloid, infraglenoid, infrahyoid, infusorioid, inlaid, insipid, insolid, insordid, interarytenoid, intercarotid, intercondyloid, intercoracoid, interlaid, intermastoid, interpetaloid, interpterygoid, intersesamoid, intrahyoid, intramastoid, intrathyroid, intrepid, inuloid, invalid, inviscid, invivid, iodid,

iodochlorid, ipid, iproniazid, irid, isarioid, isatid, isidioid, isidoid, isoamid, isocarboxazid, isocyanid, isoniazid, isoprenoid, isozooid, isthmoid, istiophorid, isuroid, ithomiid, itonidid, ixodid, jamshid, japygid, japygoid, jasperoid, jaspoid, jassid, jassoid, jelloid, jerid, jerrid, julid, juloid, kaid, karyatid, katydid, kefiatoid, keloid, keratinoid, keratocricoid, keratoid, ketimid, ketonimid, ketosteroid, kid, kidvid, kitchenmaid, labelloid, labrid, labroid, labrosaurid, labrosauroid,

labyrinthodontid, labyrinthodontoid, lacertid, lacertiloid, lacertoid, lacmoid, lactid, lactoid, lactoproteid, lactosid, laid, lambdoid, lamelloid, lamiid, laminarioid, lamnid, lamnoid, lampyrid, landslid, languid, lanioid, lanthanid, larid, lariid, laroid, laryngotyphoid, lasiocampid, laundrymaid, leatheroid, lecaniid, lecanoroid, lecidioid, lecithoid, lecythid, lecythoid, leishmanioid, lemurid, lemuroid, lentoid, leodicid, leonid, lepadid, lepadoid, lepid, lepidodendrid, lepidodendroid, lepidoid, lepidopterid, lepidosirenoid, lepidosteoid, lepismoid,

leporid, leprid, leproid, leptid, leptocephalid, leptocephaloid, lernaeoid, leucitoid, leucocytoid, leucoid, leuconoid, leucoplastid, leukemid, leukemoid, leukoctyoid, leukocytoid, lianoid, libellulid, libelluloid, lichenoid, lid, liguloid, limacinid, limacoid, limnaeid, limnophilid, limnorioid, limoid, limpid, limulid, limuloid, linguatuloid, lingulid, linguloid, linyphiid, liparid, liparoid, lipid, lipoid, liquid, lithistid, lithobiid, lithobioid, lithodid, lithoid, lithosiid, litorinoid, lituitoid, lituoloid, livid, locustid,

loessoid, loid, lophiid, lophiodontoid, loricarioid, loricoid, lucanid, lucid, luciferoid, lucinoid, lumbricid, lumbricoid, lunoid, lupoid, lurid, lutianid, lutianoid, lycaenid, lycid, lycodoid, lycoperdoid, lycosid, lyctid, lygaeid, lymantriid, lymnaeid, lymphadenoid, lymphoid, lymphomatoid, lyonetiid, lyraid, lyrid, macraucheniid, macrauchenioid, macropinacoid, macropinakoid, macropyramid, macrotherioid, macrourid, macruroid, mactroid, madid, madrid, maeandrinoid, maeandroid, maelid, maggid, magnetoid, maid, maiid, maioid,

malacanthid, malacoid, malarioid, mammilloid, manatoid, mandibulohyoid, manid, mantid, mantispid, mantoid, marasmoid, marcid, margarodid, marid, masarid, masaridid, masjid, maskoid, mastodontoid, mastoid, matroid, mattoid, meconioid, mediacid, medicaid, medusoid, megachilid, megalosauroid, megatherioid, megatheroid, megazooid, melanoid, meloid, melolonthid, membracid, membranoid, meningotyphoid, meniscoid, mentohyoid, mercurid, meriquinoid, meriquinonoid, merismoid, mermaid, merulioid, mesameboid, mesethmoid, mesocoracoid, mesopterygoid, mesosigmoid, mesostomid,

metaconid, metacoracoid, metalloid, metapterygoid, meteoroid, methid, microgranitoid, micrometeoroid, micropterygid, microzooid, mid, migrainoid, milkmaid, mineralocorticoid, mineraloid, minimacid, mirid, misdid, mislaid, mispaid, missaid, mixoploid, mnioid, moid, molluscoid, moloid, molossoid, monacanthid, monacid, monactinellid, mongoloid, monilioid, monoacid, monoamid, monocentrid, monocentroid, monocleid, monocytoid, monoglycerid, monograptid, monohybrid, monoid, monoploid, monopoloid, monoprionid, monopteroid, monorchid, monticuliporoid, morbid, mordellid, mordelloid,

moringuid, moringuoid, mormyrid, mormyroid, morosauroid, moruloid, mosasaurid, mosasauroid, motacillid, mucid, mucinoid, mucoid, mucorioid, mugiloid, muid, mujtahid, mullid, mulloid, multicuspid, multifid, multigrid, muraenid, muraenoid, murexid, muricid, muricoid, murid, muroid, murshid, muscid, muscoid, musjid, mustelid, musteloid, mutillid, mycelioid, myceloid, mycetoid, mycetophilid, mycodermatoid, mycodesmoid, mycoid, myctophid, myeloid, myelomatoid, mygalid, mygaloid, myliobatid, myliobatoid, mylohyoid, mymarid,

myoid, myoproteid, myrmecoid, myrmecophagoid, myrmicid, myrmicoid, mysid, mysoid, mytilid, mytiloid, myxedematoid, myxinoid, myxoid, myzostomid, naevoid, naid, nanoid, naphthalenoid, nasethmoid, naticoid, naucorid, nauplioid, nautiloid, navaid, naviculoid, naysaid, neanderthaloid, nebalioid, negroid, nematoid, nematozooid, nemertid, nemertoid, nephelinitoid, nepheloid, nephroid, nephrotyphoid, nereid, neritoid, nervid, neuroid, neuropteroid, nevoid, nid, nitid, nitidulid, nitrid, nitritoid, noctuid, noctuoid, nonacid,

nonaid, nonalkaloid, noncolloid, noncrinoid, nondendroid, nonfervid, nonfluid, nonfrigid, nonfuroid, nonliquid, nonlucid, nonpaid, nonproteid, nonrigid, nonskid, nonsolid, nonsteroid, nonvalid, nonviscid, nonvoid, notacanthid, notacanthoid, notharctid, notidanid, notidanoid, notodontid, notodontoid, notommatid, notonectid, notopterid, notopteroid, novemfid, nucleocapsid, nucleoid, nucleoloid, nucleosid, nuculid, nuculoid, nummulitoid, nursemaid, nurserymaid, nycteribiid, nymphalid, nymphid, nystagmoid, obdeltoid, obeliscoid, obeliskoid, obliquid, obomegoid, obovoid,

obtusifid, occipitoatloid, occipitoaxoid, occipitohyoid, occipitomastoid, occipitosphenoid, oceanid, oceloid, ochroid, octaeterid, octahedroid, octaploid, octocotyloid, octofid, octoid, octoploid, oculinid, oculinoid, ocypodoid, odacoid, odontoid, oecoid, oedemerid, oestrid, oestroid, oidioid, olecranoid, olenid, olethreutid, olid, oligomyoid, omegoid, omohyoid, omphaloid, oniscoid, onlaid, onychoid, ooid, ootid, ootocoid, oozoid, oozooid, opalinid, opaloid, ophicephaloid, ophichthyoid, ophidioid, ophioid, ophionid, ophiurid, ophiuroid,

opioid, opisthotonoid, opsonoid, opuntioid, orbitosphenoid, orchestiid, orchid, oreodontoid, organoid, oribatid, ornithoid, ornithomimid, orrhoid, ortalid, orthid, orthoceratoid, orthopinacoid, orthopinakoid, orthopteroid, orthopyramid, oryssid, osseoalbuminoid, osseomucoid, osteoglossid, osteoglossoid, osteoid, osteomatoid, ostomatid, ostracioid, ostracoid, ostreoid, otarioid, otiorhynchid, outbid, outbraid, outchid, outdid, outlaid, outsaid, outslid, outstaid, ovaloid, ovatodeltoid, overbid, overdid, overflorid, overlaid, overpaid, overplaid, overrid, overrigid,

oversaid, overslid, overstaid, overtimid, overvivid, ovid, ovoid, ovomucoid, ovorhomboid, oxacid, oxalamid, oxaluramid, oxamid, oxid, oxyacid, oxychlorid, oxyhaloid, oxyrhynchid, oxyrrhynchid, oxysulfid, oxysulphid, oxyurid, ozalid, ozonid, pachydermatoid, pachydermoid, pagurid, paguroid, paid, palaeechinoid, palaemonid, palaemonoid, palaeolithoid, palaeoniscid, palaeoniscoid, palaeotherioid, palaeotheroid, palatopterygoid, palechinoid, paleolithoid, palinurid, palinuroid, pallid, palmatifid, palmelloid, pancreatoid, panorpid, pantrymaid, papilionid, papilionoid, paraboloid,

paracondyloid, paraconid, paraffinoid, paramastoid, paramid, paranoid, parasitoid, parasphenoid, parathyroid, paratoloid, paratyphoid, parethmoid, parietomastoid, parietosphenoid, parlormaid, parmelioid, parorchid, parotid, parotoid, passalid, patellaroid, patelloid, paussid, pavid, pecopteroid, pectinid, pectinoid, pedatifid, pediculid, pediculoid, pegamoid, pegasid, pegasoid, pegmatoid, pelecoid, pellagroid, pellucid, pelobatid, pelobatoid, pelodytid, pelodytoid, peloid, pelomedusid, pelomedusoid, peltatifid, pemphigoid, peneid, pennatifid, pennatulid, pennatuloid, pentacid,

pentacrinoid, pentadactyloid, pentafid, pentagonoid, pentagrid, pentahedroid, pentamerid, pentameroid, pentaploid, pentastomoid, pentatomid, pentosid, peponid, peptid, peptonoid, peracid, perameloid, percid, percoid, peregrinoid, perfervid, pericycloid, peridinid, periodid, perioecid, peripatoid, perisphinctoid, peritrochoid, perlid, peroxid, peroxyacid, perozonid, perseid, petalodontid, petalodontoid, petaloid, petrohyoid, petromastoid, petromyzontoid, petrosphenoid, pezizoid, phacochoerid, phacochoeroid, phacoid, phacopid, phalaenopsid, phalangid, phalangiid, phalloid, pharyngotyphoid, phasianid,

phasianoid, phasmatid, phasmatoid, phasmid, phasmoid, phelloid, phenoloid, phenoxid, philanthid, philanthropoid, philopterid, phleboid, phlegmonoid, phlyctenoid, phocid, phocoid, phoenicopteroid, pholadid, pholadoid, pholcid, pholcoid, phorid, phoronid, phorozooid, phosphid, phospholipid, phragmoid, phryganeid, phryganeoid, phrynid, phrynoid, phthalid, phthinoid, phugoid, phycocolloid, phyllid, phyllocarid, phyllocladioid, phylloid, phyllostomatoid, phyllozooid, phymatid, phymatoid, physcioid, physeteroid, physid, phytoid, phytoptid, picoid, pierid, pigmoid,

pinacoid, pinakoid, pinguid, pinnatifid, pintid, piperidid, piperoid, pipid, piproid, pipunculid, piscioid, pistillid, pistilloid, pithecanthropid, pithecanthropoid, pithecoid, pittoid, pityroid, placentoid, placid, placodermoid, placoganoid, placoid, plaid, planarioid, planetoid, planorboid, planuloid, plasmid, plasmoid, plastid, plastinoid, platinoid, platoid, platycephaloid, platymyoid, platysomid, plecopterid, plerocercoid, plesiosauroid, plethodontid, pleuracanthoid, pleuroceroid, pleuroid, pleuronectid, pleuronectoid, pleurotomarioid, pleurotomid, pleurotomoid, pleurotyphoid, plotosid,

plumatellid, plumatelloid, pluricuspid, pneumotyphoid, podurid, polaroid, pollinoid, polyacid, polybrid, polybromid, polyctenid, polygonoid, polyhedroid, polyhybrid, polymixiid, polymyoid, polynemid, polynemoid, polynoid, polyodontoid, polyploid, polypoid, polyporoid, polypterid, polypteroid, polystichoid, polysulphid, polysuspensoid, polyzooid, pomacentrid, pomacentroid, pomatomid, pompilid, pompiloid, ponerid, poneroid, pongid, porcellanid, poritoid, porphyroid, porpitoid, porteacid, portunid, postarytenoid, postcarotid, postethmoid, postglenoid, posthyoid, postmastoid, postpaid, postparotid,

postscarlatinoid, postsigmoid, postsphenoid, posttrapezoid, posttyphoid, postvarioloid, postxiphoid, postxyphoid, potlid, praecoracoid, praefervid, praesphenoid, prasoid, preacid, prebid, precerebroid, prechoroid, precondyloid, precoracoid, prefervid, preglenoid, prehominid, premorbid, prepaid, presaid, presphenoid, prethyroid, pretyphoid, prevalid, prevoid, priacanthid, priapulid, priapuloid, prionid, prismatoid, prismoid, probenecid, procellarid, procercoid, procoracoid, proctotrypid, proctotrypoid, productid, productoid, proetid, proglottid, progravid, proplastid, prosethmoid, proteid, proteinoid,

proteosaurid, protephemeroid, prothalloid, protid, protoblattoid, protococcoid, protoconid, protoconulid, protonegroid, protonematoid, protopyramid, protorosauroid, protoxid, psalloid, psaloid, psammocharid, pseudamoeboid, pseudoacid, pseudoalkaloid, pseudoameboid, pseudoanthropoid, pseudocandid, pseudocarcinoid, pseudoinvalid, pseudomucoid, pseudotyphoid, psid, psiloceratid, psocid, psoroid, psychid, psychoid, psyllid, pteraspid, pteridoid, pterodactylid, pterodactyloid, pteroid, pteromalid, pterophorid, pteropid, pterygoid, pterygosphenoid, ptinid, ptinoid, ptychoparid, ptychopariid, puccinoid, pulicid, pulicoid, pupoid,

purpuroid, purtraid, puruloid, putid, putrid, pycnid, pycnodontoid, pycnogonid, pycnogonoid, pygidid, pygmoid, pyoid, pyralid, pyralidid, pyraloid, pyramid, pyramidellid, pyramidoid, pyramoid, pyranoid, pyrenoid, pyrethroid, pyritoid, pyroacid, pyroid, pyrosomoid, pyroxenoid, pyruloid, pythonid, pythonoid, qaid, qid, quadricrescentoid, quadricuspid, quadrifid, quadrihybrid, quartzoid, quid, quinoid, quinonoid, quinquefid, quinquepetaloid, quotid, rabid, raid, raioid, ramessid, rancid, ranid, raphidiid, rapid,

raucid, reavoid, rebid, rebraid, receptaculitid, receptaculitoid, rectosigmoid, redid, redodid, reduviid, reduvioid, reeledid, reforbid, refreid, refroid, rehid, relaid, remeid, remorid, repaid, reptiloid, resaid, resid, resinoid, retinochorioid, retinoid, retromastoid, retrothyroid, retroxiphoid, rhabdoid, rhagionid, rhagonoid, rhamphoid, rheumatismoid, rheumatoid, rhinoceroid, rhinocerotoid, rhinolophid, rhipiphorid, rhizocephalid, rhizoid, rhizomorphoid, rhomboganoid, rhomboid, rhynchonelloid, rhynconellid, rid, rigid, rissoid, roid, rorid,

roscid, rostroid, rubeoloid, rudistid, ruvid, sabellid, sabelloid, saccharocolloid, saccharoid, saccomyid, saccomyoid, sacrocotyloid, sagittoid, said, saiyid, salamandroid, salangid, saldid, salmonid, salmonoid, salpid, salpingopterygoid, salpoid, salticid, samaroid, sangfroid, sansculottid, sapid, sarcocystoid, sarcoid, sarcomatoid, sarcophagid, sarcoptid, sarcosporid, sassanid, satellitoid, satelloid, saturniid, satyrid, sauroid, sauropsid, sayid, sayyid, scabid, scabrid, scaphitoid, scaphoid, scapoid, scapulocoracoid, scarabaeid, scarabaeidoid,

scarabaeoid, scaraboid, scarid, scarlatinoid, scaroid, scatophagid, scatophagoid, scelidosauroid, schistoid, schizoid, schoolkid, schoolmaid, sciaenid, sciaenoid, sciarid, scincid, scincidoid, scincoid, scirrhoid, scissurellid, sciurid, sciuroid, sclereid, sclerogenoid, scleroid, sclerotioid, sclerotoid, scolecid, scolecoid, scoliid, scolopendrelloid, scolopendrid, scolopendroid, scolytid, scolytoid, scomberoid, scombrid, scombroid, scopelid, scopeloid, scorpaenid, scorpaenoid, scorpioid, scorpionid, scutellerid, scyllaroid, scyllioid, scylliorhinoid, scyphistomoid, scyphomedusoid, scytonematoid,

seamaid, sectroid, selachoid, selfsaid, semiacid, semiarid, semibifid, semicolloid, semicycloid, semifluid, semiliquid, semiovaloid, semiovoid, semipellucid, semiperoid, semipetaloid, semiputrid, semiquinquefid, semirigid, semisolid, semitorpid, semiviscid, sempervirid, senecioid, sepaloid, sepioid, sepsid, septemfid, sermonoid, serofluid, serpentinoid, serpentoid, serphid, serphoid, serpulid, serpuloid, serranid, serranoid, sertularioid, sertularoid, sesamoid, setarid, setuid, shopmaid, sialid, sialoid, siganid, sigillarid, sigillarioid, sigillaroid, sigmoid,

silaginoid, silphid, silurid, siluroid, simiid, simioid, simuliid, simulioid, sinigrosid, sinuatopinnatifid, sinusoid, siphoid, siphonariid, siphonognathid, siphonozooid, sipid, sipunculid, sipunculoid, sirenoid, siricid, sistroid, sivatherioid, skid, skidlid, slaid, sleazoid, slid, sloid, sminthurid, sodamid, soffarid, solanoid, solenoid, solenostomid, solenostomoid, solid, solifugid, soliquid, solpugid, soothsaid, sorbosid, sordid, soredioid, soricid, soricoid, southsaid, spaid, spalacid, sparid, sparoid, spatangoid,

speltoid, spermatid, spermatoid, spermatozoid, sphecid, sphecoid, sphegid, sphenethmoid, sphenoethmoid, sphenoid, sphenopsid, spheroid, sphindid, sphingid, sphingoid, sphygmoid, sphyraenid, sphyraenoid, spinoglenoid, spinoid, spionid, spiraloid, spiriferid, spiriferoid, spiroid, spitkid, splachnoid, splendid, splenoid, splenotyphoid, spondylid, spondylioid, spondyloid, spongillid, spongoid, sporangioid, sporid, sporocystid, sporoid, sporozoid, sporozooid, sporuloid, spraid, spumoid, squalid, squaloid, squamoid, squamomastoid, squamosphenoid, squatinid, squatinoid,

squid, squillid, squilloid, staid, staminoid, stannid, staphylinid, stegosauroid, steid, stellerid, stereid, sterid, sternocleidomastoid, sternoclidomastoid, sternocoracoid, sternohyoid, sternomastoid, sternothyroid, sternoxiphoid, steroid, stichid, stid, stigmarioid, stigmatoid, stolid, strid, strobiloid, stromateid, stromateoid, stromatoporoid, stromboid, strongylid, strongyloid, strophoid, strophomenid, strophomenoid, struthioid, stupid, sturnoid, stylohyoid, styloid, stylomastoid, stylomyloid, stylopid, subacid, subacrid, subaid, subalbid, subarachnoid, subarid, subarytenoid,

subastragaloid, subbifid, subbromid, subcandid, subchorioid, subchoroid, subcoracoid, subcuboid, subcyanid, subdeltoid, subdendroid, subdiscoid, subdruid, subfluid, subganoid, subgelatinoid, subglenoid, subgloboid, subhalid, subhumid, subhyaloid, subhyoid, sublid, submaid, subovoid, suboxid, subpellucid, subquinquefid, subrhomboid, subrigid, subsolid, subsphenoid, subsulfid, subsulphid, subtepid, subtorrid, subtrapezoid, subtrifid, succinimid, sucroacid, suid, sulfacid, sulfid, sulfoacid, sulphacid, sulphamid, sulpharsenid, sulphazid, sulphid, sulphoamid, sulphobenzid,

sulphohaloid, sulphonamid, sulphoproteid, sulphoxid, superacid, supercandid, superfluid, supersolid, supersphenoid, suprachorioid, suprachoroid, supracondyloid, supraglenoid, suprahyoid, supramastoid, sursolid, suspensoid, syconid, syconoid, sylid, syllid, sylphid, sylviid, symbranchoid, symmetroid, synapsid, synaptid, synarmogoid, synergid, syngnathid, syngnathoid, synochoid, synodontid, synodontoid, syphilid, syphiloid, syrphid, systemoid, tabanid, tabid, tablemaid, tabloid, tachinid, tactoid, taenioid, tailskid, talcoid, talonid, taloscaphoid, talpid, talpoid,

tanagroid, tannid, tannoid, tapiroid, taqlid, tarantulid, tarsioid, tarsonemid, tartramid, taurid, tawhid, taxpaid, tayassuid, teiid, teioid, tellinoid, temporohyoid, temporomastoid, temporosphenoid, tendomucoid, tenebrionid, tenioid, tentaculoid, tenthredinid, tenthredinoid, tepid, teratoid, terebellid, terebelloid, terebratulid, terebratuloid, termitid, terpenoid, tersulfid, tersulphid, tetanoid, tetarconid, tetartoconid, tetartoid, tetrabromid, tetrachlorid, tetracid, tetractinellid, tetragrid, tetrahedroid, tetrahydrid, tetraiodid, tetraonid, tetraploid, tetrapyramid, tetrasulfid,

tetrasulphid, tetraxonid, tetrigid, tetroxid, tettigoniid, thalassinid, thalassinoid, thalloid, thanatoid, thebaid, thecoid, theraphosid, theraphosoid, therapsid, thereoid, therevid, theridiid, theroid, thiamid, thioamid, thiozonid, thomisid, thooid, thrid, thripid, thromboid, thylakoid, thynnid, thyreoarytenoid, thyreocolloid, thyreohyoid, thyreoid, thyroarytenoid, thyrocolloid, thyrocricoid, thyrohyoid, thyroid, thyrsoid, tibioscaphoid, tid, tigroid, timid, tineid, tineoid, tingid, tingitid, tinoceratid, tipulid, tipuloid, tiremaid, toluid,

toroid, torpid, torrid, tortricid, tortricoid, toruloid, torvid, toxicoid, toxoid, tracheid, trachelomastoid, trachinoid, trachodontid, trachypteroid, trachytoid, traguloid, transcondyloid, translucid, transsolid, trapezoid, trappoid, trematoid, tremelloid, trepid, triacid, triacontaeterid, triakid, triakisoctahedrid, triamid, trianguloid, tribromid, tribuloid, trichinoid, trichiurid, trichiuroid, trichlorid, trichoid, trichonotid, trichopterygid, trichostrongylid, triconodontid, triconodontoid, tricuspid, trid, triffid, trifid, triglid, triglochid, trigonid, trigonoid, trihalid,

trihybrid, tringoid, trinitrid, triodontoid, trionychid, trionychoid, trioxid, triozonid, tripetaloid, tripinnatifid, triploid, trisulfid, trisulfoxid, trisulphid, trisulphoxid, triterpenoid, triticoid, tritoconid, tritonoid, tritozooid, triurid, trochid, trochoid, trogonoid, trombiculid, trophozooid, trypaneid, trypetid, tuberculid, tuberculoid, tuberoid, tubificid, tubiporid, tubiporoid, tuboid, tubuliporid, tubuliporoid, tubulodermoid, tumid, tupaiid, turbid, turbinelloid, turbinoid, turdoid, turgid, turgoid, turpid, turritellid, turritelloid, tylosoid, tympanomastoid,

typhlopid, typhoid, tyrannoid, tyroglyphid, tyroid, uloborid, uloid, ultrarapid, ultrasplendid, umbelloid, umbraid, unafraid, unavid, unbid, unbraid, unbroid, uncandid, unchid, underaid, underbid, underdid, underhid, underhousemaid, underlaid, underlid, undermaid, underpaid, undersaid, undid, unduloid, unfervid, unflorid, unfluid, unforbid, unfrigid, ungainsaid, ungrid, unhid, unhumid, unicuspid, uninlaid, unintrepid, unioid, unionid, unionoid, unkid, unlaid, unlanguid, unlid, unliquid, unlucid,

unmaid, unmorbid, unoverpaid, unpaid, unplacid, unplaid, unputrid, unrancid, unrepaid, unrid, unrigid, unsaid, unschizoid, unsolid, unsordid, unsplendid, unstaid, unstupid, unthrid, untimid, untorpid, untorrid, untumid, unturbid, unturgid, unvalid, unvivid, unvoid, upbid, upbraid, uplaid, uprid, upsiloid, upupoid, uraniid, uredinoid, ureid, urocerid, ursid, ursoid, usneoid, utriculoid, uvid, vaccinoid, valeramid, valgoid, valid, valsoid, vapid, varanid, varicelloid,

varicoid, varioloid, veddoid, vegetoalkaloid, ventripyramid, verbid, vermetid, verrucarioid, vesicosigmoid, vespertilionid, vespid, vespoid, vibioid, vibraculoid, vibrioid, vid, vidkid, villoid, viperid, viperoid, virid, viroid, virusoid, viscid, viscoid, vitiligoid, vitrinoid, viverrid, vivid, vocoid, void, volutoid, vombatid, vorticellid, waid, wardmaid, wardsmaid, washmaid, waylaid, weid, whid, whizkid, wid, woodmaid, xanthamid, xanthid, xanthochroid, xanthrochroid, xenopeltid, xenopodid, xenopodoid,

xenosaurid, xenosauroid, xiphiid, xiphioid, xiphoid, xiphydriid, xylinid, xylocopid, xyloid, xylophagid, xylosid, xylostromatoid, xyphoid, xyrid, yid, youthheid, ypsiloid, zaphrentid, zaphrentoid, zebroid, zeuglodontoid, zincid, zincoid, ziphioid, zirconoid, zoanthid, zoanthoid, zoid, zonitid, zonoid, zonurid, zonuroid, zoogloeoid, zooid, zoophytoid, zygaenid, zygaenoid, zygenid, zygoid, zygomaticosphenoid, zygopterid, zygotoid, zymoid,

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