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abattue, abaue, accrue, achaque, acrologue, actinologue, adrue, aeglogue, aetiologue, afflue, ague, aiguillesque, alambique, albuquerque, alcornoque, alhambresque, almique, alpinesque, ampongue, analogue, analytique, angelique, antiblue, anticholagogue, anticritique, antidecalogue, antifatigue, antigalactagogue, antileague, antimasque, antiplague, antiplaque, antique, antisialagogue, apagogue, apologue, applique, appropinque, arabesque, arboresque, archisynagogue, architecturesque, archmystagogue, archrogue, archsynagogue, argue, arigue, autocritique, autocue, avenue, avoue,

babelesque, banlieue, banque, bansalague, bararesque, barbaresque, barbecue, barbeque, baroque, barque, basque, battue, batuque, beardtongue, beartongue, beaumontague, beeftongue, beglue, belduque, bellevue, belue, beplague, berloque, berogue, besague, betongue, bevue, bezique, bibliotheque, bibliothque, bienvenue, biltongue, binnogue, birdglue, bisque, biunique, blague, blanque, blottesque, blue, bluetongue, bogue, borasque, bosque, boudoiresque, bourasque, bourrasque, boutique, brasque, breloque, brigue,

brique, brisque, brogue, brusque, buffoonesque, burlecue, burlesque, burleycue, caccagogue, cacique, caique, calanque, calque, cangue, caque, cardecue, carnivalesque, casaque, casque, cassique, catafalque, catalogue, cathedralesque, cazique, chalque, charque, cheque, chibouque, chivalresque, chloragogue, cholagogue, chronique, churrigueresque, cigaresque, cinematheque, cinque, circue, circumquaque, cirque, claque, clinique, clique, cloque, clue, cogue, cohue, coigue, colleague, collogue, colloque, comique,

communique, comrogue, condue, congrue, conspue, construe, continue, contramarque, copihue, coque, coquecigrue, corseque, corsesque, cosaque, coue, counterargue, counterfugue, counterintrigue, counterleague, countersue, countervalue, cowtongue, critique, cue, curlicue, curlycue, dacryagogue, dantesque, dargue, deadtongue, decalogue, deertongue, demagogue, demihague, demihaque, demipique, demisangue, dengue, dequeue, detenue, detinue, detraque, devalue, dialogue, digue, dillue, diminue, diplomatique, disbogue, discontinue, discotheque,

discothque, disembogue, dissue, distingue, disvalue, dominique, dragonesque, dramalogue, drogue, dualogue, due, duologue, dureresque, earthtongue, eclogue, eglogue, eigenvalue, electroplaque, embarque, embogue, embrue, embue, embusque, emmenagogue, endue, englue, engoue, enleague, enqueue, ensue, entertissue, eperdue, epidialogue, epilogue, equivalue, equivoque, estoque, etiologue, eumolpique, evacue, evalue, eveque, evolue, exergue, fabrique, fainaigue, fantasque, fanteague, fantigue, fatigue, feague,

fescue, filioque, fique, flanque, flasque, flue, fondue, forevalue, forrue, fortescue, fougue, foxtongue, frogtongue, fugue, galactagogue, galactogogue, gaminesque, gangue, gardenesque, garigue, garrigue, giantesque, gigantesque, gigue, giottesque, gipsyesque, giraffesque, glue, gnomesque, goblinesque, goosetongue, gorgonesque, grammalogue, grandesque, grecoue, grecque, griffinesque, grotesque, grue, gue, gypsyesque, gyrovague, habitue, haemagogue, hague, haique, haloesque, harangue, harlequinesque, hartstongue, helminthagogue,

hemagogue, holagogue, homologue, horologue, horsetongue, hue, humoresque, hydragogue, idcue, idealogue, ideologue, imbrue, imbue, inconnue, indue, influe, ingenue, ingnue, inique, inleague, institue, insue, interleague, intertissue, intertongue, intervenue, intrigue, intue, isologue, issue, jargonesque, jerque, jocoque, jonque, jumboesque, junoesque, keerogue, kithogue, kue, lactagogue, lalique, langue, lasque, league, leonardesque, lieue, lincolnesque, lionesque, lithagogue, logogogue, longue,

lue, lustique, lvalue, lymphagogue, macaberesque, macabresque, macague, macaque, machinotechnique, madrague, madrigalesque, magnifique, mangue, manque, marque, masque, mataeologue, matsue, mauresque, measondue, medrinaque, melanagogue, melologue, menstrue, merengue, meringue, metrologue, micrologue, microtechnique, misconstrue, miscue, misvalue, monocoque, monologue, monopolylogue, montague, moosetongue, moresque, morgue, mosque, moue, mozambique, multiflue, musicologue, myriologue, mystagogue, mystique, mythologue, naigue, naique, naturalesque,

necrologue, nonissue, nonleague, nonopaque, nonrescue, nonrevenue, nonunique, nonvalue, nonvirtue, novantique, novelesque, nugilogue, nuque, oaktongue, oblicque, oblique, ocque, odalique, odalisque, oopuhue, opalesque, opaque, operalogue, orgue, orsedue, ortanique, osteoplaque, outargue, outflue, outhue, outintrigue, outissue, outpursue, outrogue, outsprue, outspue, outtongue, outvalue, overargue, overdue, overfatigue, overissue, overtrue, overvalue, oxtongue, paedagogue, panguingue, pantagogue, paragogue, parroque, parvenue,

pataque, pauraque, paycheque, pectoriloque, pedagogue, pedantesque, pendeloque, pentalogue, perdue, perioque, perique, perruque, persue, petanque, philologue, phlegmagogue, physagogue, physiologue, physique, pianologue, picaresque, picturesque, pingue, pique, pirlicue, pirogue, piroque, pishogue, placque, plague, plaque, plastique, plateresque, platonesque, podargue, poetesque, politique, portague, portigue, postique, poursue, practique, prague, pratique, preburlesque, prediscontinue, preimbue, preissue, presubdue, prevalue, prevogue,

prevue, procritique, prodialogue, proleague, prologue, propinque, prorogue, pseudoantique, pseudologue, psychagogue, psychologue, ptyalagogue, ptysmagogue, pullalue, pulque, puraque, purlicue, pursue, quadrilogue, que, queue, radiopaque, raffaelesque, raphaelesque, rauque, reaccrue, reargue, reblue, recatalogue, reciproque, reconstrue, recontinue, redargue, redue, reflexiue, reglue, reindue, reissue, relique, remarque, rembrandtesque, remue, renague, reneague, renegue, rengue, repique, replique, repursue, rescue, residue,

reskue, respue, restitue, resue, retenue, retinue, retrue, revalue, revenue, revue, risque, robotesque, roentgenopaque, rogue, romanesque, roque, roue, rue, sacque, saique, salique, saltimbanque, salue, sangsue, sarigue, satyresque, scioterique, scullogue, sculpturesque, secque, secretagogue, segue, seismologue, semiantique, semicirque, semiopaque, semisirque, semivirtue, seriogrotesque, sermonesque, shabeque, shabracque, shelleyesque, sheogue, sialagogue, sialogogue, sibylesque, silique, simiesque, sinologue, slue,

smoothtongue, soldatesque, soumarque, sparrowtongue, specialogue, spridhogue, sprogue, sprue, spue, squeteague, statue, statuesque, stravague, strue, stue, subantique, subclique, subdue, suboblique, subopaque, sue, sufflue, sultanesque, superaccrue, superglue, superindue, supervalue, surcrue, surique, sylvanesque, sympathique, synagogue, tangue, tauroesque, teague, technique, technologue, teleferique, telepherique, tenue, tetralogue, theologue, theorique, tiangue, tinkershue, tissue, togue, tongue, toque, tornadoesque, torque,

tortue, transmue, transvalue, travelogue, treague, trialogue, triptyque, trogue, troue, true, trueblue, trufflesque, tue, tuque, tuquoque, turbanesque, turneresque, tutenague, ubique, unantique, uncasque, underargue, underdialogue, underissue, underrogue, undervalue, undue, unfatigue, unglue, ungrotesque, unique, unopaque, unpicaresque, unpicturesque, unrevenue, unstatuesque, untongue, untrue, ununique, unvague, unvalue, unvirtue, upavenue, upvalue, usque, vague, value, vehmique, vendue, ventriloque, venue,

vermoulue, veronique, vertue, vialogue, virtue, vogue, welleresque, xarque, xenagogue, zolaesque,

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